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Blockchain.ie – Irelands Blockchain Explorer.

Blockchain.ie provides official data on recent transactions worldwide, mined blocks in the blockchain, charts, Bitcoin statistics, resources, tools & services for fintech developers, Financial institutions and the general public.

At Blockchain we aim to build innovative software that makes using the Blockchain & Bitcoin safe, easy, and secure for all consumers and businesses anywhere in the world.

Blockchain is currently the fastest growing technology companies in the world, the most popular block explorer and search engine, and has what is widely recognized as the strongest, most trusted brand in Bitcoin.

In the context of its first digital currency – Bitcoin, a “Blockchain is a digital ledger that records every Bitcoin transaction that has ever occurred. It is protected by cryptography so powerful that breaking it is typically dismissed as impossible.

More importantly, though, the blockchain resides not in a single server, but across a distributed network of computers. Accordingly, whenever new transactions occur, the blockchain is authenticated across this distributed network, then the transaction is included as a new block on the chain.

Bitcoin, in its simplest form is a digital currency. However, its the Blockchain system itself is what allows people worldwide to transfer value quickly and at virtually no cost. We are members & partly funded by the official Irish Bitcoin Foundation & we follow best Blockchain practises in accordance with the Blockchain Standards Authority of Ireland. Our team, in the Fintech capital of the world – Dublin, Ireland, have been chosen to bring this futurism of the Blockchain to this planet we call earth.

We recognise that decentralised and distributed digital currency and payment systems in which payments are processed and secured by advanced cryptography and distributed computing power is the way of the future.

While Blockchain & Bitcoin technology can be seen as disruptive, it can actually complement a banks existing legacy system. Our technology has been adopted by various consortiums, and banks are now engaged in a broad range of proofs of concept.

As many winning ideas emerge, we expect banks and related intermediaries to agree on common standards, with regulatory support, to share the expense of building a blockchain, whether it leverages their existing infrastructure or not. One such partnership – the R3 Blockchain Consortium, have many proofs of concept underway, attracting participation from dozens of major institutions.

Your missing the point of Blockchain & Bitcoin if you feel left out. You can be as involved as you want to be, get some Bitcoins – this is your starting point. After all, without Bitcoin, we would never have blockchain, the technology which lies at the heart of the digital currency.

As a testament to Blockchain in 2015 alone, JPMorgan has spent about $9 billion on technology investments across the company and a big focus has been on the Blockchain.

Called the Blockchain, it has been heralded as the most disruptive force in finance by major institutions since the birth of the internet, Bitcoin is just the”opening act” in something bigger.

Blockchain technology continues to redefine the global financial sector everyday. Futurism as its core – See what it can do for you.

The Blockchain Team